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The 2018 Raising Toddlers Courageously Conference has ended. Thank your your participation. 
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The world’s only online conference dedicated solely to parenting toddlers. 
5 days of invaluable 
tools and strategies
25+ Top Experts
One All-Encompassing Event
Take the Frustration, Chaos and Guesswork Out of Raising Toddlers
 “Great parenting is a learned skill and the Raising Toddlers Conference is here to support you in the process.” 
   -Devon Kuntzman, 
Founder of Transforming Toddlerhood
The Raising Toddlers Conference is a FREE online conference for parents and caregivers of toddlers who want to reclaim their sanity and confidence while finding the joy in the day-to-day challenges of raising happy and capable toddlers.

Join me, toddler-parenting expert and coach, Devon Kuntzman, for this inspirational, invaluable, 5-day event. More than 25 of the world’s leaders in toddler behavior, development, positive parenting and family well-being will show you how to get out of survival mode so you and your toddler can thrive.

Our experts will give you information and tools to transform toddler behavior as well as gain a deeper understanding of toddlers’ physical, emotional and mental health needs so you can confidently nurture their development while keeping your sanity!

Whether you are a parent, caregiver or teacher, learn what your toddler’s behavior is telling you and how to effectively respond with love and respect. Be empowered to become the loving leader your toddler is seeking and help him or her master all of the developmental tasks of toddlerhood.

Are you ready to say goodbye to the terrible twos, trying threes, fierce fours and demanding fives and empower your parenting?
This Conference Is For YOU If You Are
  • Stuck in a cycle of reaction, power struggles and frustration
  • Lost in information overwhelm and second-guessing your parenting choices
  • ​Struggling to find patience during challenging behavior 
  • ​Feeling as though you are a "mean parent" 
  • ​Not sure how to respond when your toddler has aggressive behavior 
  • ​Tired of meltdowns and tantrums 
  • ​Exhausted from yelling and making threats that go unheard  
This Conference Is For YOU If You Want To
  • Learn to stay calm and set effective limits 
  • ​Understand the social, emotional and intellectual needs that drive toddler behavior 
  • ​Understand precisely what your toddler's behavior is telling you 
  • ​Learn key toddler-developmental milestones and how to support your toddler's development
  • ​Get your toddler to cooperate without punishments and timeouts 
  • ​Create a strong co-parenting relationship
  • ​Unlock the secrets of overcoming challenging behavior
  • ​Create more peace, cooperation and happiness at a home
  • ​Make sense of your toddler's behavior and parent with confidence
  • ​Rediscover the joy of parenting your toddler
  • ​Harness your toddler's energy and provide positive outlets
  • ​Enhance communication, connection and cooperation  
  • ​Cultivate courage and confidence in your parenting  
  • ​Bounce back from meltdowns and tantrums  
  • Create a relationship based on mutual respect and trust  
  • ​Show up every day as the best parent you can be  
  • ​Decrease frustration while increasing your patience
Parenting is challenging and caring for toddlers can feel down right grueling. 
You don’t have to do it alone.
 We are on this journey together.
As Seen In
Meet Your Experts
Patty Wipfler
Founder, Hand in Hand Parenting
Navigating Separation 
Anxiety with Confidence
Dr. Deborah MacNamara
Clinical Counsellor, 
Educator, Author
Setting a Secure Foundation in Toddlerhood to Bring Forth a Child's Fullest Potential 
Greg Santucci, M.S., OTR
Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Founder of Power Play Pediatric Therapy
Understanding Sensory Processing and Dysregulation to Overcome Challenging Behavior 
Tovah Klein, Ph.D.
Director, Barnard College Center, Associate Professor, Psychology, Author
Making Sense of Toddler Behavior
Zahra Kassam
Founder & CEO of Monti Kids
Using Montessori Principles to Create More Peace and Happiness in the Home
Devon Kuntzman
Toddler Parenting Expert & Founder, Transforming Toddlerhood
Moving Past Guilt After Losing Your Patience
Victoria Dunckley M.D.
Integrative Child Psychiatrist and Author
 Screen Time's Impact 
on Toddlers
Elisa Song, M.D.
Integrative Pediatrician & Founder of Whole Family Wellness
Brain Foods for 
Your Toddler
Tracy Gillett
Nature-Loving, Adventure-Seeking Natural Mum
Redefining Your 
Parenting Perspective
Avital Schreiber Levy
Founder of 
The Parenting Junkie
Fostering Independent Play to Nurture Development
Rachel Coley, M.S., OT/L
Occupational Therapist
Understanding and Supporting Toddler Deveopmental Milestones
Dr. Christopher Willard
Psychologist, Educational Consultant & Author
The Building Blocks of Resilience Start in Toddlerhood
Lauren Tamm
Language of Listening® Master Parent Coach
Setting Limits with 
Strong-willed Children that Create Cooperation
Dr. Maya Shetreat
Conventionally-trained Pediatric Neurologist, Herbalist, Shaman, and Author of The Dirt Cure
Nurturing a Healthy Immune System Through Nature
Amanda Rueter M.Ed. 
Children's Mental Health Therapist turned Stay-At-Home Mom
Breaking Free 
From Yelling
Candace Glass
Owner of Southtown Yoga, Healing + Arts, Founder of Elephant Power Mindfulness and Yoga for Kids
Cultivating Mindfulness to Parent with More Ease
Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart
Child Development and Parenting Expert
Co-regulation as a 
Powerful Parenting Tool
Debbie Reber, M.A.
Parenting Activist, Bestselling Author, and Founder of Tilt Parenting
Parenting "Differently Wired" Children with Confidence 
Lisa Poelle, M.A.
Early Childhood Consultant & Biting Specialist
How to Stop and Prevent Biting in Toddlers
Kacie Barnes
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Healthy Eating Habits 
From the Start
Lisa Corduff
CEO Small Steps Living
Simple Steps for 
Creating Change 
that Lasts
Barb O'Neill, Ed.D.
Founder, Transform 
Challenging Behavior
Play vs. Reasoning: 
Preventing Challenging 
Natasha Daniels, LCSW
Child Therapist, Author, 
& Founder of Anxious 
Toddlers to Teens
Parenting an 
Anxious Toddler
Jacqueline Green
Founder of the Great Parenting
 Simplified Movement
Creating a Strong Co-parenting Relationship
Claire Heffron, M.S., OTR/L
Pediatric Occupational Therapist & Co-Founder of The Inspired Treehouse

Transforming Power 
Struggles During Daily Transitions 
Bonus Day Speakers
Alexandra Eidens
Founder of Big Life Journal
Unlocking Confidence and 
Resilience with a 
Growth Mindset
Jeanne-Marie Paynel M.Ed.
CEO of Voila Montessori & Montessori Parenting Mentor
Fostering Independence within Limits
Suzanne Tucker, PT
Parent Educator & Founder of Generation Mindful
Fostering Emotional Intelligence & Positive Parenting
Lenore Skenazy
President of Let Grow, Founder of Free-Range Kids
The Pitfalls of 
Overprotective Parenting
These experts will show you how to shift out of survival mode and raise capable, resilient toddlers with the courage and confidence of a loving heart.
Conference Schedule
Day 1
Understanding Toddler Behavior and Development on a Deeper Level
Day 2
Nurturing Physical and Mental Health In Toddlerhood
Day 3
Tools for Navigating Challenging Behavior with Confidence
Day 4
Effective and Respectful Strategies for Overcoming Challenges While Building Trust, Emotional Safety and Connection
Day 5
Parenting Shifts that Create Less Power Struggles and More Ease
Bonus Day
Special Sessions for Premium Conference Package Holders
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Are you ready to reclaim your sanity and increase your confidence?
Transforming Toodlerhood
What if toddlerhood could be more than tantrums and power struggles? More than the negative label society bestowed upon toddlers when the term “terrible twos” was coined?
I’m on a mission to transform how we view toddlerhood.
Toddlerhood is an incredible and critical period of development that sets the stage for the rest of a child’s life into the teen years and beyond.
Many parents want to fast-forward and fly past toddlerhood hoping the challenges will melt away.
The fact is, a child’s brain is 90% developed by the age of 5. 
During toddlerhood, most of the neural pathways and connections responsible for behavior and emotional patterns are formed.
This development is nurtured by their experiences and relationships. All of these interactions, including how we parent, sets the stage for the rest of their lives. 
It’s vital to nurture the neural pathways and connections that promote intrinsic motivation, emotional regulation, problem solving, healthy relationships and self-esteem.
Taking the time and getting the support to master toddlerhood can dramatically impact and shape the rest of your child’s life and your relationship with him or her.
The Raising Toddlers Conference will help you gain a deeper understanding of this magical, sensitive, important, tumultuous and humorous developmental period while mastering the challenges that arise along the way.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Raising Toddlers Conference?
The Raising Toddlers Conference is a free, online event in which 25+ leaders in toddler behavior, development and parenting share their expertise, wisdom and tools for nurturing toddler development while overcoming everyday challenges. 
How do I attend the conference?
Claim your free ticket by pressing the button below and entering your email address. Before the conference begins, you will receive periodic emails with updates and the full instructions for the conference. Once the conference begins, anyone who has a signed up for a free ticket to the conference will receive daily emails with links to access the broadcasts of the free sessions for 24 hours. 
Do I have to travel to the conference?
Nope! The Raising Toddlers Conference is a virtual event, meaning that there is not a physical meeting place for this conference. Rather, the free sessions will be streamed online on specific dates (please see the schedule above) for a limited time. 
What if I'm too busy to attend the conference?
Don't worry! Time can get away from us when we have little ones. After registering for your free ticket you will have the option to purchase the Premium Conference Package including the audio and video formats of all of the sessions (plus several bonuses) so you can access this invaluable information at your own pace forever!
Toddlerhood Doesn't Have To Be This Hard
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Raising Toddlers Conference sessions
Courageous Parenting
Meet Your Host
Hi! I'm your conference host, Devon Kuntzman!
Toddler Parenting & Life Design Coach
I'm on a mission to transform the myth that toddlerhood is terrible. I teach parents how to embrace this sensitive developmental period and uncover the magic of toddlerhood. Parents learn how to overcome everyday challenges and keep their sanity as they rediscover the joy of parenting. As a coach, I empower parents to transform their frustration, fear and self-doubt into confidence in their parenting. Over the last 15 years, I have dedicated my life to working with hundreds of children and families across three continents as a parenting and gentle sleep coach, former nanny for some of the most high-profile families in the world and former director of an orphanage in Rwanda.
I'm a a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, Ontologically Trained Life Design Coach and the Founder of Transforming Toddlerhood. I hold a degree in psychology and child development. I'm passionate about toddlerhood, green juice, reading, traveling and holistic living.
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