Learn to overcome toddlerhood challenges while nurturing development with more confidence and ease
Conference Schedule
Day 1
Understanding Toddler Behavior and Development on a Deeper Level
Rachel Coley
Understanding and Supporting Toddler Developmental Milestones
You will learn:
  • ​What sensory thresholds are and how they affect behavior.
  • ​Three little known senses that develop during the toddler years and how to nurture them. 
  • ​Four common misconceptions about toddler developmental milestones.
  • ​The most effective ways to support your toddler’s development.  
  • ​When to get support if your toddler isn’t meeting milestones.
  • ​How to handle the pressure of a public tantrum. 
Rachel has been an OT for 13 years, most of which have been dedicated to Early Intervention (0-3 yo). She has a passion for helping parents better understand their kiddos' development so that they can more confidently, intentionally and playfully parent to give their littles the best start. Rachel has advanced training in the areas of infant neurodevelopment, sensory processing, feeding, Plagiocephaly and Torticollis (head and neck issues of infancy). You can find her online at www.candokiddo.com.

Dr. Deborah MacNamara
Setting a Secure Foundation in Toddlerhood to 
Bring Forth a Child's Fullest Potential
You will learn:
  • ​What potential is and is not.
  • ​How a strong attachment lays the foundation for a strong relationship.
  • ​Two common misconceptions about attachment and how they undermine the parent-child relationship.
  • ​How to create the "right" relationship with your unique toddler to bring forth his or her fullest potential. 
  • ​The role of play in parenting AND child development plus how to use it to create influence.
  • ​How shyness in toddlerhood functions to protect attachment. 
Dr. Deborah MacNamara is a developmentalist and author of the best selling book Rest, Play, Grow: Making Sense of Preschoolers (or anyone who acts like one). She is on Faculty at the Neufeld Institute, and is the Director of Kid’s Best Bet, a Counselling and Family Resource Center. Her book Rest, Play, Grow has been translated into 9 languages and is also available in audiobook. Deborah is a dynamic teacher and experienced counsellor who makes developmental science come to life in the everyday context of home and classroom.

Avital Schreiber Levy
Fostering Independent Play to 
Nurture Development
You will learn:
  • ​The biggest misconception that our society has about play.
  • ​The true purpose of play and why it’s important to protect childhood and play. 
  • ​What independent play looks like in toddlerhood.
  • ​How we unknowingly sabotage independent play and what to do instead. 
  • ​The key to supporting a toddler in becoming a good decision-maker.
  • ​How your child’s environment influences independent play. 
  • ​What to avoid and include when designing spaces that promote independent play.
Founder of TheParentingJunkie.com, Avital’s mission is to help parents who struggle with chaos, clutter and conflict to transform their experience with young children into one of presence, play and peace. Trained in the Simplicity Parenting and Hand-in-Hand parenting disciplines, her work has been published in Huff Post, Motherly, Mindvalley and is endorsed by the leaders in the Parenting space, Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Dr. Laura Markham. Avital's work reaches over 100,000 parents across the globe.

Tovah Klein, Ph.D.
Making Sense of Toddler Behavior
You will learn:
  • ​Common misconceptions about toddler behavior that explains why toddlers behave the way they do.
  • ​Why toddlers test us and how to respond to this type of behavior. 
  • ​How to build a strong and secure foundation for your toddler to thrive.
  • ​The root of contradictory behaviors and why toddlers so often flip flop in their desires. 
  • ​How to help a toddler become flexible and adaptable.
  • ​The characteristics of "normal" development.
  • ​What drives toddler behavior and which developmental needs are the strongest.
Dr. Tovah Klein is the director of Barnard Toddler Center and a psychology professor at Barnard College. She is author of How Toddlers Thrive. She has worked with and studied young children for nearly 3 decades with a focus on parental influences on early development, toddlers use of play to figure out their emotions, toddler memory, and challenges for parents. She has been called the 'Toddler Whisperer' by Good Morning America and is frequently quoted in the media on a range of toddler and parent issues. She works with programs locally and worldwide on the social and emotional needs of young children. You can find her online at HowToddlersThrive.com
Dr. Christopher Willard
The Building Blocks of Resilience 
Start in Toddlerhood
You will learn:
  • ​Why helicopter parenting actually disempowers your child’s ability to cultivate resilience.
  • ​How attachment influences resilience and what you can do to create a strong attachment with your toddler. 
  • ​The benefits of positive stress and how it increases resilience. 
  • ​Powerful tools for supporting your toddler in cultivating resilience.  
  • ​Why toddlers press our buttons. 
  • Simple and fun mindfulness exercises you can do with your toddler. 
Dr. Christopher Willard (PsyD) is a psychologist and educational consultant based in Boston specializing in mindfulness. He has been practicing meditation for 20 years, and has led hundreds of workshops around the world, with invitations to more than two dozen countries. He currently serves on the board of directors at the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy, and is the president of the Mindfulness in Education Network. He has presented at TEDx conferences and his thoughts have appeared in the New York Times, The Washington Post, mindful.org, and elsewhere. He is the author of Child’s Mind (2010) Growing Up Mindful (2016) Raising Resilience (2017) and eight other books for parents, professionals and children, along with six sets of cards and therapeutic games, available in more than ten languages. He teaches at Harvard Medical School.

Day 2 
Nurturing Physical and Mental Health In Toddlerhood
Elisa Song, M.D.
Brain Foods for Your Toddler
You will learn:
  • ​Four types of food that nourish a toddler’s brain.
  • ​Two common ingredients to avoid that can cause disrupt behavior. 
  • ​The importance of the gut/brain connection and why our guts are our first brain.
  • ​Why creating ways for your child to avoid stress or make stress go away backfires.  
  • ​Which foods to pair together to reduce their impact on blood sugar as to stabilize behavior and mood. 
  • ​Practice tips for creating shifts around healthy eating. 
Dr. Elisa Song, MD is a holistic pediatrician, pediatric functional medicine expert, and mama to 2 crazy fun kids. In her integrative pediatric practice, Whole Family Wellness, she’s helped 1000s of kids get to the root causes of their health concerns and helped their parents understand how to help their children thrive – body, mind, and spirit – by integrating conventional pediatrics with functional medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and essential oils. Dr. Song created Healthy Kids Happy Kids to share her advice and adventures as a holistic pediatrician and mama. Now everyone can have their very own virtual holistic pediatrician! 

Victoria Dunckley M.D.
 Screen Time's Impact on Toddlers
You will learn:
  • ​Exactly what happens in your child’s brain during screen time.
  • ​The keys to reducing screen time in a world full of screens. 
  • ​Research-based biological effects of screen time and how it changes the wiring of your child’s brain. 
  • ​How to know for sure if screen time is responsible for behavior and developmental disturbances in your child.  
  • ​How screen time affects play, tantrums, learning, and motivation.  
Victoria Dunckley, M.D., is an award-winning integrative child psychiatrist, and a nationally recognized expert on the impact of screen-time on brain health and development, and the overuse of medication in children. Recently named one of “America’s Top Psychiatrists,” Dr. Dunckley has been featured on Fox News, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, Psychology Today and more. She is the author of the groundbreaking book, Reset Your Child’s Brain: A Four Week Plan to End Meltdowns, Raise Grades and Boost Social Skills by Reversing the Effects of Electronic Screen Time. You can find her on line at DrDunckley.com.
Kacie Barnes
Healthy Eating Habits From the Start
You will learn:
  • Exactly what healthy eating habits look like in toddlerhood.
  • ​How to partner with your toddler to create healthy eating habits. 
  • ​Two ways we unknowingly disconnect toddlers from listening to their bodies. 
  • ​Your job and your toddler’s job during meal times.
  • How we accidentally reinforce picky eating.
  • ​Realistic expectations for eating and how to know if your toddler is getting enough. 
Kacie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master of Clinical Nutrition from UT Southwestern. She helps parents feed their toddlers without stress, guilt, or chaos through social media, writing, and speaking events. Kacie lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and two kids. You can find Kacie online at MamaKnowsNutrition.com.
Dr. Maya Shetreat
Nurturing a Healthy Immune 
System Through Nature
You will learn:
  • ​How living in an overly santized world has a negative effect on health.
  • ​Why toddlers need dirt and germs to educate their immune system. 
  • ​Four surprising ways to build your child’s immune system.
  • ​Two powerful ways to reclaim your relationship with nature. 
  • ​Simple ways to boost your child’s health through nature.
Maya Shetreat, MD is a neurologist, herbalist, urban farmer, and author of The Dirt Cure: Healthy Food, Healthy Gut, Happy Child (Simon and Schuster, 2016), which has been translated into ten languages. She has been featured in the New York Times, The Telegraph, NPR, Sky News, The Dr. Oz Show and more. Dr. Maya is the founder of the Terrain Institute, where she teaches Terrain Medicine™, earth-based programs for transformational healing. She works and studies with indigenous communities and healers in Ecuador, and is a lifelong student of ethnobotany, plant healing, and the sacred.
Natasha Daniels, LCSW
Parenting an Anxious Toddler
You will learn:
  • Two ways to support an anxious toddler in the heat of the moment.
  • ​Where anxiety comes from and how it shows up in toddlerhood. 
  • ​The difference between developmentally appropriate anxiety and exhibiting anxious behaviors.
  • ​When to seek support, how to start the process and who to contact. 
  • ​Several coping strategies to support emotional processing and skill-building in an anxious toddler.
  • ​A common way toddler anxiety can mask itself and go undetected. 
  • ​Physical ways that anxiety can manifest in childhood.
  • ​How to empower yourself and avoid common pitfalls when parenting an anxious toddler. 
Natasha Daniels is a child therapist and mom to three kids. She has dedicated her life and career to helping parents raising kids with anxiety and OCD. She is the creator of AnxiousToddlers.com and the author of How to Parent Your Anxious Toddler.
Day 3
Tools for Navigating Challenging Behavior with Confidence
Claire Heffron, MS OTR/L 
Transforming Power
Struggles During Daily Transitions
You will learn:
  • ​Why transitioning from one activity to another is so difficult for toddlers.
  • ​How to create realistic expectations for tantrums.  
  • ​How to partner with your toddler to create more ease during transitions. 
  • Tools and strategies for transforming challenging transitions.
  • ​Two common misconceptions that disempower your ability to partner with a child during transitions. 
  • ​How to use reset activities to encourage behavior and emotional regulation after a tantrum. 
  • Three ways to prevent tantrums. 
Claire Heffron is a pediatric occupational therapist and one of the co-founders of The Inspired Treehouse a blog and online business that shares resources and products related to child development. Claire has worked for 12 years in school-based settings. Claire and her business partner, Lauren Drobnjak, are also the executive directors of the non-profit organization they founded in 2017, The Treehouse. Here, they offer free and low cost developmental play groups for kids ages 2 and up. Claire is also co-author of Playful Learning Lab for Kids and Sensory Processing 101. 
Lisa Poelle, M.A.
How to Stop and Prevent 
Biting in Toddlers
You will learn:
  • Exactly where to look to figure out the root of your child’s biting.
  • ​The difference between experimental/playful biting and a biting habit. 
  • ​The complete process for ending biting. 
  • ​Three common misconceptions about biting. 
  • ​How parents and caregiver unknowingly reinforce biting. 
  • ​How to be the coach and teach your toddler coping skills that prevent biting. 
Lisa Poelle has been working in the fields of Early Childhood Education and Parent Education since the 1980's. Her main focus is on birth to three years, and she helps both parents and teachers become experts in dealing with all types of challenging behaviors. Lisa specializes in teaching people how to find customized solutions to one of the thorniest of problems; habitual "biting". Her book, "The Biting Solution" and her website, StopTheFightingandBiting.com are well-known resources for an international clientele. Lisa is a frequent speaker at conferences and trainings. She works with parents/teachers of individual children all over the country; on-site in NYC, and elsewhere via remote means. 
Barb O'Neill, Ed.D.
Play vs. Reasoning: Preventing 
Challenging Behavior 
You will learn:
  • How to use improv-based play to create connections with your toddler.
  • ​The developmental trajectory of play and what to expect in toddlerhood. 
  • ​How to use a stuffed animal to support your toddler in expressing and regulating his or her emotions.
  • ​A common mistake we make in giving a toddler choices and what to do instead. 
  • ​Why play is a powerful parenting tool and how to use it to prevent and navigate challenging behavior.
  • ​What to do when you feel tapped out and feel stuck in using play and playfulness as a parenting technique. 
Barb O’Neill is the creator of the Transform Challenging Behavior Online Conference, a free annual online event attended by thousands of people from around the world who are living with, caring for, and teaching young children. She has been in the early childhood field for 25 years and has worked as a toddler and preschool teacher, special education teacher, early childhood center director, and professor. Barb now devotes herself full time to helping teachers, caregivers, and families develop their confidence, knowledge and skill in supporting young children who exhibit challenging behavior. Find out more about Barb here TransformChallengingBehavior.com.
Lauren Tamm
Setting Limits with Strong-willed 
Children that Create Cooperation
You will learn:
  • ​The key to creating cooperation with a strong-willed child. 
  • ​How to get clear on your boundaries and define them. 
  • ​The difference between a boundary and rule and how to use them.
  • ​How to hold your boundaries and shift the rules to create successes to build from with your toddler. 
  • The positive aspects of strong-willed behavior and how to nurture them.  
Lauren Tamm is a mom of two, service member spouse to a Marine and Language of Listening® master parent coach. She focuses most of her time helping parents of toddlers and preschools raise kids who want to listen, even when no one else is looking. Connect with her via TheMilitaryWifeandMom.com.
Greg Santucci, MS, OTR
Understanding Sensory Processing and Dysregulation to Overcome Challenging Behavior 
You will learn:
  • ​How punishments undermine the effectiveness of your parenting and breakdown your relationship with your toddler. 
  • ​Why rewards and punishments backfire in the long-term in resolving challenging behavior. 
  • ​A key mindset shift essential to navigating and moving beyond challenging behavior.
  • ​What sensory integration is and the role it plays in child development.  
  • ​How sensory processing influences challenging behavior.
  • ​How to understand your toddler’s sensory preferences and identify when to seek professional support. 
Greg Santucci has been a Pediatric Occupational Therapist for 20 years. He graduated from Penn State with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science and received his Master’s in Occupational Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University. He is the founding director of Power Play Pediatric Therapy, a NJ therapy practice that has a sensory gym and provides OT services to local schools. Greg is certified in Sensory Integration and presents workshops nationwide on topics related to sensory processing, self-regulation, and challenging behaviors in children. When home, Greg shares his toys with his wife (also an OT) and their two children.
Day 4
Effective and Respectful Strategies for Overcoming Challenges While 
Building Trust, Emotional Safety and Connection
Amanda Rueter, M.Ed
Breaking Free From Yelling
You will learn:
  • ​Three myths parents believe about yelling that keeps you stuck.
  • ​What to do when you want to give up and feel hopeless in stopping to yell.  
  • ​How to break free from the guilt of anger and yelling.
  • ​Three types of triggers that cause us to go from calm to “Hulk Mom”.
  • ​How to make self-care realistic and use it to create more joy in your parenting.  
  • ​Powerful tools for creating more positive interactions with your children. 
Amanda Rueter, M.Ed was a Children's Mental Health Therapist and now Mom to two boys. She thought she would be so ready motherhood...but she was so wrong! She writes on her site, MessyMotherhood.com, about how to enjoy Motherhood with less yelling and anger. She has a popular course, Mama's Anger Management, as well as multiple books and handbooks that have helped thousands of moms find peace among the chaos of raising kids.
Devon Kuntzman
Moving Past Guilt 
After Losing Your Patience
You will learn:
  • The factors that affect how often you lose your patience and the intensity of your reaction.
  • ​The cycle of guilt and where it comes from.
  • ​The relationship between judgement, guilt and perfection and how it disempowers you.
  • ​How to tell the difference between feelings and facts.
  • ​5 ways to move past guilt and take back power in your life.
  • Proven strategies for preventing guilt and losing our patience.
Devon Kuntzman, B.A. child development, RYT, is a toddler parenting coach and life design coach on a mission to transform the myth that toddlerhood is terrible. Devon teaches parents it’s possible to embrace this sensitive developmental period and uncover the magic of toddlerhood while overcoming everyday challenges and keeping their sanity. As a coach, Devon empowers parents to transform their frustration, fear and self-doubt into confidence in their parenting. Over the last 15 years, Devon has dedicated her life to working with children and families. She has worked with hundreds of parents and children across three continents as a coach, former nanny for high-profile families and director of an orphanage in Rwanda.
Devon is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, a graduate of the Wonder Weeks Academy Infant Mental Health and Development Program, a registered yoga teacher, trained through Accomplishment Coaching - the premier International Coach Federation accredited life coaching program and the Founder of Transforming Toddlerhood. Devon is passionate about toddlers, green juice, reading, traveling and holistic living. When she isn’t working with parents and toddlers, Devon can be found on her yoga mat, riding her bicycle or drinking kombucha (not all at the same time).
Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart
Co-Regulation as a Powerful 
Parenting Tool
You will learn:
  • ​Why choosing your battles when it comes to behavior can backfire.
  • ​4 powerful steps for creating co-regulation. 
  • ​What you can learn from your own frustration and triggers plus how they block co-regulation.
  • ​The importance of exploring your own unmet needs before responding to your toddler.  
  • ​What to do instead of rescuing your child from their feelings.
  • ​How co-regulation positively affects the parent/caregiver-child relationship. 
Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart is a Pediatric Psychologist and Board Certified in Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology. She is the President/Owner at A New Day Pediatric Psychology, PLLC in San Antonio, Texas specializing in the treatment of children, adolescents, and adults with acute and chronic behavioral health and medical conditions. As a parent coach and psychologist, she specializes in working with children and teens with ADHD, anxiety, and medical diagnoses.
Patty Wipfler
Navigating Separation 
Anxiety with Confidence
You will learn:
  • The root of separation anxiety and why it shows up in toddlerhood. 
  • ​A powerful analogy to help you understand why kids cry to release their emotions. 
  • ​How to support your toddler’s emotional cleansing process and help them recover from separation.
  • ​The exact words you can say to create emotional safety for your toddler when it’s time for you to leave. 
  • ​4 ways to use play and laughter to help your toddler cope with separation. 
  • ​2 surprising ways you may be accidentally reinforcing separation anxiety.  
Patty Wipfler has been working with parents and children for 45 years. She founded Hand in Hand Parenting 30 years ago to serve parents when parenting gets hard, and to give parents the tools they need to build good support for themselves, and to help their children bounce back from adversity. She is, with Tosha Schore, M.A., the author of the book, Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges, 14 bookets, and more than a hundred articles for parents available at www.handinhandparenting.org
Debbie Reber, M.A.
Parenting "Differently Wired" 
Children with Confidence 
You will learn:
  • ​What it means to be “differently wired”.
  • ​How to recognize common red flags that may signal being “differentially wired” in toddlerhood. 
  • ​3 powerful misconceptions that people have about children with atypical behavior.
  • ​The pitfalls of comparing and despairing and how this can disempower your parenting and limit what you believe is possible. 
  • ​How to navigate the stress, fear, and guilt that may come up in parenting a child with neurologically atypical behavior from a place of empowerment.
  • ​3 tilts or mindset shifts that are key to parenting exceptional children and toddlers. 
  • ​2 ways you can create more inclusivity and acceptance for differences within yourself and others around you.
Deborah Reber, MA, is a parenting activist, New York Times bestselling author, podcast host, and speaker who moved her career in a more personal direction in 2016 when she founded TiLT Parenting, a website, weekly podcast, and social media community for parents like her who are raising differently wired children. The TiLT Parenting Podcast has grown to be a top podcast in iTunes’ Kids and Family category, with more than 1 million downloads and a slate of guests that includes high-profile thought leaders across the parenting and education space. A regular contributor to Psychology Today and ADDitude Magazine, Debbie’s newest book is "Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World" (Workman Publishing, 2018). In November 2018, she spoke at TEDxAmsterdam, delivering a talk entitled Why the Future Will Be Differently Wired.
Day 5
Parenting Shifts that Create Less Power Struggles and More Ease
Tracy Gillett
Redefining Your 
Parenting Perspective
You will learn:
  • ​Why perspective is one of the most powerful tools in parenting.
  • Exactly what we have control over when it comes to parenting. 
  • ​The difference between being in control and being in charge.
  • The secret to creating cooperation with your toddler.
  • The pitfalls of putting obedience at the forefront of parenting.
  • Common parenting myths that have a negative effect on your perspective as a parent.
  • ​Simple strategies for creating a strong connection with your toddler.
Tracy Gillett is an adventure-loving mum, writer and natural parenting advocate. Originally from Australia, she now lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and young son. She is the founder of Raised Good, an award-winning parenting website and community that strives to support and empower parents to trust and follow their instincts. Tracy is the author of The Lost Art of Natural Parenting. 
Lisa Corduff
Simple Steps for Creating 
Change that Lasts
You will learn:
  • ​What the unhappiness gap is and how to overcome it.
  • ​The most effective way to start creating change from exactly where you are right now. 
  • ​Powerful practices for strengthening your trust with yourself. 
  • ​Why it’s important to give yourself permission to take action. 
  • ​How to get out from under impossible standards and unrealistic expectations. 
  • ​How to bring others (including your children) along with you on the path to change. 
  • ​Simple small steps you can start taking today to bring more whole foods into your family's diet. 
Lisa Corduff inspires modern women to take small steps towards a healthier, happier, simpler life via her online programs, membership and podcasts.  She has a perfectly imperfect life and is helping women all around the world to ditch the impossible standards, be kind to themselves and live life on their terms. You can find her online at SmallStepsLiving.com.
Jacqueline Green
Creating a Strong Co-parenting Relationship
You will learn:
  • ​The automatic cycle that creates conflict in co-parenting. 
  • ​The biggest myth about co-parenting that we unknowingly buy into.
  • Exactly how to open the lines of communication in your co-parenting relationship.
  • How to find common ground when your co-parent isn’t on the same page.
  • ​The consequences of not dealing with conflicts when they arise. 
  • How to create a positive feedback loop with your co-parent and why this is important.
  • Three questions you can use to get curious about your co-parent’s parenting style without creating conflict.
Jacqueline Green, BA is the founder of the Great Parenting Simplified movement. She’s also the author of the upcoming book, Strong Enough to Stay; Work it Out or Leave Happy. For almost 20 years, Jacqueline has been a parenting coach, educator and popular speaker. She specializes in helping moms of school aged kids with mental health issues including anxiety, depression, overwhelm and procrastination (theirs and their children’s), co-parenting challenges and issues with isolation and lack of a village to support one’s parenting. 
Candace Glass
Cultivating Mindfulness to 
Parent with More Ease
You will learn:
  • How to develop a mindfulness practice of noticing. 
  • ​Specific ways that developing a mindfulness practice can support your parenting. 
  • ​Three questions you can ask yourself to increase your curiosity and noticing in your parenting. 
  • ​The biggest obstacle in developing mindfulness and how to overcome it. 
  • ​How to use all of your emotions to your advantage as a learning tool. 
  • ​Tips for creating stronger pathways of positivity. 
Candace is a 500hr RYT with certifications in hatha yoga, children’s yoga, yogahour, prenatal yoga, and mindfulness. She can be found online at SouthTownYoga.com.
Zahra Kassam
Using Montessori Principles to Create More Peace and Happiness in the Home
You will learn:
  • Three foundational aspects of the Montessori philosophy.
  • ​Two common misconceptions about Montessori. 
  • ​Four key principles of the Montessori philosophy and how you can apply them at home to create peace and happiness.
  • ​Why toddlers need to feel capable to thrive and how to support them in feeling like a valued member of the family.  
  • ​How to prepare the environment and use choice to reduce overwhelm and create more cooperation. 
  • ​Two underlying beliefs that create more peace and trust in the adult-toddler relationship. 
Zahra Kassam is Founder of Monti Kids, the only at home subscription for children ages 0-3 that gives parents access to an authentic Montessori education, proven in schools for over 100 years. Zahra holds a BA in Psychology and a Master's degree in Education, both from Harvard. She is an internationally certified Montessori teacher at the infant, toddler and preschool levels and a mother to two young boys. Zahra has been named a 'World Changing Woman' by Conscious Company Media, was nominated for the Dalai Lama Unsung Heroes of Compassion Awards, and recently won a deal on ABC's Shark Tank.

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Alexandra Eidens
Unlocking Confidence and Resilience  
with a Growth Mindset
You will learn:
  • ​The difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.
  • ​The benefits of a growth mindset and how it affects a child’s life now and in the future.
  • ​Two common misconceptions about mindset and how they limit us.
  • One word that can transform a statement from fixed mindset to growth.
  • ​The gift of mistakes and how they can serve as opportunities to learn.
  • How to know if you or your child is operating from a fixed mindset.
  • ​How language can be your best asset for supporting your toddler in cultivating a growth mindset.
Alexandra Eidens is the co-founder of Big Life JournalAlexandra and her team are on a mission to help children develop a growth, resilient mindset so they can face life’s challenges with confidence. 

Together with her team, Alexandra creates engaging resources such as journals and printable kits for ages 4 and above. Earlier in 2019, Big Life Journal launched the very first growth mindset podcast for children called Big Life Kids podcast which reached the top charts of iTunes around the world. 

Suzanne Tucker, PT
Fostering Emotional Intelligence 
& Positive Parenting
You will learn:
  • ​The real definition of discipline.
  • ​The 3 main characteristics of positive parenting.
  • ​Why parenting is not something we do to a toddler.
  • The importance of giving yourself permission to fail and not be perfect.
  • ​Why the focal point of positive parenting is relationships and awareness.
  • The benefits of positive parenting.
  • ​The differences between positive parenting and permissive parenting.
  • ​The key mindset shifts that occur as a result of embracing positive parenting.
  • ​How positive parenting can build and enhance your relationship with your toddler.
  • ​How positive parenting can create empowerment for you and your toddler.
Suzanne Tucker, Founder, Generation Mindful has been a physical therapist, and parent educator since 1992. Suzanne founded Brentwood Center of Health, a holistic outpatient rehabilitation center in 2002 with her husband and has been teaching mindful parenting classes, including infant massage, for over two decades. In 2016, after a parent in one of her classes asked for help finding more practical ways to incorporate positive parenting into her busy life, Suzanne was inspired to found Generation Mindful, a mission-driven company creating educational products that connect the generations and build emotional intelligence playfully. Generation Mindful creates evidence-based, affirming tools for children, parents, educators, and therapists and is on a mission to end punitive child-rearing practices around the world. 
Jeanne-Marie Paynel M.Ed.
Fostering Independence 
within Limits
You will learn:
  • ​What independence means in toddlerhood and how it impacts learning life skills.
  • ​How to use S.H.O.W. to teach a toddler a new skill.
  • ​The difference between independence and permissiveness.
  • ​How parents and caregivers unintentionally hinder their toddler's independence.
  • ​The power of observation and how to do it effectively.
  • ​How to use the environment to your advantage to foster independence within boundaries.
  • ​Several ways to create independence around your toddlers self-care, in the kitchen and with toilet learning.
  • ​Two important characteristics of effective boundaries. 
  • ​The exact phrase to say when you don't know what your toddler wants. 
Jeanne-Marie Paynel, founder and CEO of Voila Montessori, is a Montessori Parenting Mentor and Home Consultant. She guides expectant parents, caregivers and parents of young children on how to prepare their homes for their children to thrive during the first years of life. She believes that a supportive and peaceful atmosphere at home will allow every child to grow up as an independent and confident learner. Jeanne-Marie gives talks locally and internationally, where she combines her three passions: Montessori, Conscious Parenting and Positive Discipline.
Her mission is to help parents appreciate the true importance of their role - not as servants or teachers, but as supporters and guides of their children's natural development.
Lenore Skenazy
The Pitfalls of Overprotective 
You will learn:
  • ​How society pushes us to be overprotective.
  • ​How making parenting decisions based on fear undermines your child’s ability to learn and build skills. 
  • ​The key to gradually giving your toddler more independence.
  • How over protection and helicopter parenting inhibit independence and confidence. 
  • How free play and giving a child space build their confidence. 
  • The role trust plays in developing independence and confidence.  
After Lenore Skenazy's column "Why I Let My 9 Year Old Ride the Subway Alone" landed her on every talk show from The Today Show to Dr. Phil, she founded the Free-Range Kids book, blog and movement, which has grown into the non-profit Let Grow.
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